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  1. Mike

    Online Gambling sites for international children’s charities should be a thing. Who cares that you can’t do it in the US. The rest of the world spend heaps on online gambling and this money could go where it is needed. Some big charities should get together with online gambling sites and set one up, they are missing a trick and a stack of money they could have a nice slice of.

  2. djloon

    Nice idea, I wonder why these are not a thing. You can hire a Casino in Las Vagas, but something tells me, they get to keep all the money that comes into the machines. Someone like Musk, Bezos or Gates should set one up for irradiating children’s diseases, or a whole holiday park that collects money to solve the world’s problems. I would go to that rather than Disney.

  3. The health lottery is as close as you will get in the UK.Though its legal to do fun runs and bingo nights lol – doesn’t compare with the entire industry of casinos for private profit. The health lottery is a first step though I guess.

  4. 23% of all homeless people are children – Our world sucks ass. We have had plenty enough time to sort this out in each and every country. Not going to happen.

  5. You would be missing a lot of trade if you did this. Problem is that it’s tolerated. From wiki “Street children can be found in a large majority of the world’s famous cities, with the phenomenon more prevalent in densely populated urban hubs of developing or economically unstable regions, such as countries in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.”

  6. It already exists Khan Academy, only those parents need to understand what they don’t understand first – and that often uncovers huge gaps in their knowledge – something the kids can identify better than the well-meaning parents. Some good resources are here, but use them wisely, kids usually benefit from many different teachers with different skills, making your kid rely on just your skillset is going to put them at a disadvantage for sure.

  7. In the states, these crimes are being tackled by initiatives that confuse crime with civil rights. It’s crime.

  8. Didn’t realise it was an early AI… “One of the most ingenious aspects of Pac-Man is that each ghost behaves differently—one simply chases the player, two try to attack Pac-Man from the front, while the fourth will chase and then abruptly change course.

    It was tricky because the monster movements are quite complex,” Iwatani said. “This is the heart of the game … The AI in this game impresses me to this day!”

  9. Think you can buy it already, not strawberry though

  10. Teachers need to up their game – like anybody who could be replaced by an AI or bot. time to get smart, or enjoy the cushy job you currently have, Times are a changing.

  11. Asians have taken to this idea because they have huge classes, strict dicipline and education really matters to the future of the entire family. Not here though… “Mr Steed said he did not think the developments would catch on in UK schools in the short-term, claiming the nation was too wedded to the traditional concept of a teacher standing in front of a class.”

  12. Could incorporate google maps too, so folk playing it get out of the house.

  13. Ahh, man, just googled it and you can actually use their facilities all over the UK. Clubs should know about this – why don’t the schools advertise it to parents?

  14. Little about it on the web tbh – but…”Humans are the only primates that make music. But the evolutionary origins and functions of music are…”

  15. Like this idea, and thought about it myself with our boy. Couldn’t find anything on the web about kids doing the audio track for their games but it is a thing, and a good thing too…,and%20the%20mind%20work%20together.&text=Dancing%20to%20music%20helps%20children,them%20to%20practice%20self%2Dexpression.

  16. DeLay

    Loving the Elvis rugs on ebay

  17. A bigger worry is that they end up with a complex about money or miss out due to the pressure of saving for some far off future. There are 2 sides to every story but its sure true that we are messing with their heads, without realising it.

  18. Munch

    They exist already – good idea tbh. My boy has trouble with his buckle belt.

  19. Bless ST Johns – saving lives and now they are teaching our kids how to do the stuff we should have learned ourselves. Bravo.

  20. Finally- this is a thing in the UK “Trials of first aid lessons in English schools begin this month, with the classes becoming compulsory from 2020.

    A total of 1,600 schools from around the country are taking part.”

  21. Protect the children from abuse – unless its in the name of God. THE US IS FUCKED UP.

  22. Barbaric is the word. Can’t believe its legal outside of Israel.

  23. Unfortunately this is still just an idea/dream for many “2.2 billion people lack access to safely managed drinking water services. (WHO/UNICEF 2019)”

  24. urr, nope! “in Darwinian theory, grandparenting makes no sense! Grandparents contribute no ‘fitness genes’ to the grandchildren.”

  25. True, I like this idea – makes sense. Furthermore, it’s grandparents that can help ensure you survive to pass THEIR genes on.

  26. Needs to be done – the reason it is still so bad is because school menus are designed by fat old ladies who have little education themselves. Shoot me, but its true. Read on… Researchers from the Jamie Oliver Foundation were alarmed to find many schools are still serving high fat and sugary foods at break and lunch

  27. We already do this, but rather than core them, we just cut the top off and scoop them out – then decorate. But whilst looking at corers, I noticed what a faff people go to just to core an apple. All you need is a regular tube or corer, not all the gubbins seen here

  28. Can’t believe schools don’t test for this already. People need to know if their child is gifted. More discussion here,referring%20to%20any%20other%20tone.

    “If a child learns music faster than others, then he/she may have perfect pitch. It means he/she can recognise the tones correctly and immediately, like when he/she sees a number or colour. He/she may even be able to sing any tone (e.g. F# in 2nd octave) immediately without referring to any other tone.”

  29. Big in America though. Buy them online. Not for babies though. So yeah, still needed.

  30. This can’t last long enough to warrant the weird design, surely?

  31. This for hippies that wear sandals, I guess – glad it helps poor kids though.

  32. Yeah, dripstix do the job

  33. You can just wrap cupcake holders round the stick no?

  34. …early days but one day we will be listening to AI music without realising it – and of course it will be better than our music because of machine learning.

  35. Toybox is one for kids. not sure how well they come out though, anyone know?

  36. Somehow, I think photos would work better than these silly ones they sell.

  37. There are loads of uses for these, I can’t wait to hear what people use them for. Local guy…

    Dr Diego Martinez Plasencia, a Lecturer in the Interact Lab at the University of Sussex’s School of Engineering and Informatics, said: “This has the potential to enable new forms of interaction and collaboration with computers, liberating users from fixed, static screens and opening up whole new interactive spaces.

  38. there’s this on product hunt but it doesn’t use feedback from your kid, yet.

  39. Got these, the kind of work.

  40. There is a UK specific site for this already

  41. Not true, over simplistic and well, just missleading, here’s why its a bad idea to think you can only be as happy as your saddest child…

    A clinically depressed child will be much sadder than even a highly empathetic parent because typical, reactive unhappiness and sadness cannot be compared with the profound distress of major depression.

  42. ….dream on AirTots 57 quid to borrow a baby bath and stand for 4 weeks. No wonder folk just buy them or go elsewhere to hire.

  43. Annie

    Kids understand more than we give them credit for. And likely have been conditioned less than adults, go figure…

  44. Lol, I ticked all 10 boxes, I guess I am a winner at something then!

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