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What is IdeaMill?

IdeaMill Is a live feed of the world’s ideas. Anyone can post ideas they like and add links on ideas posted by others.

Links often point to pages on the web where the idea has already been tried and tested. So when the same link is added on more than one idea, IdeaMill can connect existing solutions to more of the problems they can solve.

IdeaMill’s mission is to bring people together through their ideas and provide insights to help us better understand the world and the people in it. There’s been some interesting news since the website was launched by Martin Wilson and Richard Bruce in 2020.

What can I do here?

Search your interests or browse hashtags to see the latest, best and worst ideas that relate to you, your city, your job, hobbies or opinions. Vote for ideas you like, follow them to get notifications and explore related links to web pages marked as products, good causes and investments..

You can add your own (or other people’s) ideas just to see how popular they are. Then choose to share or promote them. You can even grow a following to crowdfund your project and make your favorite ideas a reality.

Brands can have customers brainstorm new product ideas. Entrepreneurs can find popular business ideas. Soon, innovators can date-stamp privately published ideas then invite collaborators. And with the IdeaMill app anybody can sketch pictures, record music or use a dictation machine to plant ideas.

Why should I do it?

Kurt Vonnegut: “Evolution didn’t end with us growing opposable thumbs… we can evolve at will, and the way that we do it is that we evolve ideas…”

Jason Silva: “Ideas are powerful because they allow us to see the world as it could be, rather than what it is.”

Paul Dirac / Richard Feynman : ”…some new ideas are here needed…”