Why advertise on IdeaMill?

Our unique audience

IdeaMill users are eager to discover new ideas, brands and products. They are influencers that demonstrate high engagement and intent, making them an ideal audience to advertise to.

Powerful targeting options

Advertise only to people with interests or hobbies that relate to products you offer. Create and target audiences that view, engage with or follow specific ideas, hashtags or people.

Getting started is easy

IdeaMill ads can be as simple or sophisticated as you want them to be. Use our self-service tools to create ad campaigns and monitor performance with easy-to-read reports.

How to create an ad campaign (in minutes)

1 – Define your audience

Choose which specific ideas, hashtags or search results pages to advertise on. Or create custom audiences of people who upvote or follow specific ideas and hashtags then refine by their location, gender, age and device.

2 – Create your ad

Add a compelling ad headline, description and landing page URL. Choose to include an image. Add your billing information and place your order. Your ads will go live right away and you can pause or amend them anytime.

3 – Select your goal

Choose what you want your ad campaign to achive. It could be to drive more online sales, generate leads, crowd-fund a project, attract traffic to your site, or to increase product awareness and engagement with your brand.

4 – Set your bid and budget

Choose between paying only when your ad has been displayed thousand times or only whenever someone clicks your ad. IdeaMill ads are an auction so simply set your daily budget limit and decide how much you want to bid.

5 – Monitor your results

Track, analyze and optimize ad performance or edit your campaign in Ads Manager. See if one version of your ad is working better than another and refine your audience to generate more sales for you advertising budget.