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  1. Great idea but just found this. “The main rock in South East England’s coastline is chalk. Chalk cannot be broken down into sand. The pebbles on Brighton’s Beach are mainly composed of flint. (Yes, the kind of flint that you can strike to make a fire). Flint’s a very useful substance in developing societies even if it doesn’t erode well into sand.” Oh well…

  2. trip advisor does this already

  3. soleo

    There’s a site for it but they don’t list them on the front page

  4. Yeah, most manufacturers call killer repellent, to make themselves feel better, there are bound to be countless natural ways to make them go away, but who would be sharing that info? Not poison manufacturers for sure.

  5. “Jules’ Undersea Lodge is the only underwater hotel in the United States. … Since you have to scuba dive to reach the hotel, you must be SCUBA certified.”

  6. Magnets are already used for breaks, saves wear and tear.

  7. Airbus claim they are going to make this, one day.