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  1. It’s a novel idea, but wont the water harm the panels, especially in the seas and oceans?

  2. We need more floating solar plants like this one in Chile.

  3. Floating solar farms in the seas, oceans, and lakes could produce unlimited clean energy to power the world.

  4. Solar roads are a great concept in theory, but they face many challenges that make them less efficient than regular solar panels.

  5. It has been done. The Netherlands has a bicycle path made of solar panels.

  6. Space-based solar energy has a lot of potential, and could be the solution to the ever-growing demand for energy in the world.

  7. Perhaps the aviation industry can adopt other green alternatives, such as renewable fuel.

  8. While using solar energy for air travel is a great idea, many challenges currently exist that make the technology too expensive or downright unfeasible.

  9. Here’s a solar skylight that lets in natural light while also generating electricity https://www.onyxsolar.com/product-services/photovoltaic-glass-solutions/pv-skylight