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  1. Stella

    Converse wedge shoes look seriously uncomfortable and yes they indicate you think you are too short.

  2. Crazy, these should exist with an extra bit on the hood that goes over your face as the DV mask. They are missing a trick, someone should make and sell them.

  3. Saw this. didn’t buy though.

  4. Mickey

    If this came as a v shape or one with half a keyboard for each hand, it would be ideal. just rest it on any shirt or your knees or anywhere comfortable. would need to be wireless though for sure.

  5. The wearable keyboard thing is 100 bucks but not a real keyboard, you have to learn to type a whole different way, which seems to defeat the object.

  6. soleo

    Great idea, just looked, you can get them on Wish

  7. Munch

    They exist already – good idea tbh. My boy has trouble with his buckle belt.

  8. RudeJude

    you can buy the flip-flop version already.

  9. Jimbo

    Bioscarf looks like it does the job.

  10. someone should deffo do this, the options are endless, needs a good recognisable logo though

  11. You can get them already, check this out girls

  12. lol

  13. Richard P