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AI app that strings facts from the web to explain connections between things

It would let you add 2 concepts or things and it strings together the relationship between them or the difference between thems.

Ie you could add the words “chimp” and “rat” and it would say they were both living organisms, they were both mammals and would show a treemap of their relationship. Another example: add “Iron” and “plutonium” and it would recognise they were both chemical elements, both metals and show their relationship, commonalities and differences.

It could even let you add “UK” and “US” and it would identify both country’s common democratic ideals and values, which are reinforced through cooperation on political, security, and economic issues.

Thoughts, and dreams, it would spot they are both activities in the brain and map how they relate. Often wished I had this as I am interested in the relationships and differences between different things, inventions, peoples and ideas.