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  1. lol they cost less than 25 cents to make and you buy them on amazon for 25 dollars. Bezos should be ashamed of the scamming he is allowing.

  2. This could actually work, kind of like the opposite to the vertical fans you get for the office.

  3. CC

    Yet another application for the plastic made of fish skin that biodegrades.

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    Agreed, using a plastic that biodegrades like marina tex

  5. They should just have a QR code on the till where it says the cost, that way we don’t need receipts or any of these recept scanner apps, Currently for business expenses though, I use this, when I remember to,

  6. Yeah, most manufacturers call killer repellent, to make themselves feel better, there are bound to be countless natural ways to make them go away, but who would be sharing that info? Not poison manufacturers for sure.

  7. Jimbo

    Bioscarf looks like it does the job.

  8. Wow, didn’t realise you could do this with an app – yes, would be a good use of the technology to make poluting product manufactures think

  9. Vegan car indeed. But it looks like you have to buy the entire car rather than stipulate it when you buy one from a major brand.

  10. you cna get them already, expensive though

  11. TOPGREENER Smart Plug is a electrical outlet that comes equipped with energy monitoring capabilities, which you can access on your smartphone or tablet through the TopGREENER app. It also acts as a smart switch, allowing you to control your devices with ease