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  1. RudeJude

    Omg. some would say it serves you right for having bad taste and little foresight. Just waiting for the fake before and after pics like they have of balding guys. I guess these guys are on a winner. Paid to put them on, paid to take them off. Vanity is so funny.

  2. Clever Dick

    Of course they exist, of course you can get them on Amazon, and of course they don’t work.

  3. Seal Dwidakiss

    According to experts asked on this site “They’re not only ineffective, but also dangerous—and their lightening effects pose distinct risks for deep skin tones.”

  4. Tattoos over implants would be the next way these guys decorate themselves. Though they would happily staple their butt cheeks together if they couldn’t get their fix any other way.

  5. Seal Dwidakiss

    I like that they are subtle, rather than shocking or bold

  6. “Too black, too strong…”

  7. Stella

    Man, this made me google tattoo nightmares, so funny

  8. Cleo Flatular

    Amazing how history, art and culture squeezed through the bottleneck of Japanese grandads and pirates… heh

  9. Mike

    Just so you know… Danger…

  10. djloon

    Can’t believe it took so long for them to exist, some of these are amazing and would work well with grey shadows.

  11. sunnyjim

    Bolder looks better I think in white. Some things to consider first though, like, they seriously fade.