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  1. 23% of all homeless people are children – Our world sucks ass. We have had plenty enough time to sort this out in each and every country. Not going to happen.

  2. You would be missing a lot of trade if you did this. Problem is that it’s tolerated. From wiki “Street children can be found in a large majority of the world’s famous cities, with the phenomenon more prevalent in densely populated urban hubs of developing or economically unstable regions, such as countries in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia.”

  3. Good idea, plus make when they fix their ways and you start to trade with them again, increase the tariff and donate a share of it to Save the Children – an publicise it, they should be ashamed.

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  4. RudeJude

    Shame babies can’t refuse to be born somehow.

  5. djloon

    Sort of laughed when I saw this idea, google’d it and realised its a thing.

  6. Heh – Brighton! Bet Caroline paid for the paint.

  7. CC

    It is not only corporations that are acknowledging the importance of environmental issues, but also the education system. Government officials and school boards across the world are beginning to develop a new way of teaching. Globalization is now thought of as an important concept to understanding the world. Certain schools believe it is important to discuss global issues as young as 5 years old. It is students who are our future, therefore understanding the concept of “think globally, act locally” is fundamental to our future

  8. The phrase is an in-joke among mathematicians, as it is often used in situations where the global structure of an object (e.g., a manifold, a Diophantine equation, or a group) can be inferred from the local structure. (See Hasse principle for a detailed description of one such example.) – uhh, chuckle.

  9. Nodger

    Are You Glocal?
    Inevitable globalisation. It’s an art form that works best hidden.

  10. Interesting idea. Looked this idea up and there are some legalities involved.

  11. I like the sentiment in this.. “ways to get your family to become more earth-friendly. Once you get everyone on board with conservation, challenge your kids to come up with new and interesting ways of going green.”

  12. Someone should make stickers that could be sneaked onto products in the shopping isle. It could read “THIS NOT PACKAGED IN BIODEGRADABLE FISH SKIN PLASTIC – BUT COULD BE. That would make them realise there is an alternative and get press coverage for the activist and product.

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