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  1. Clever Dick

    Virtual reality and augmented reality are the future of display technology!

  2. It’s not just the flies; scientists are building artificial neural networks for computers based on insects’ neural networks.

  3. Scientists have been studying the fly’s brains for years now. The secrets in these tiny brains could be the breakthrough needed to realize portable, personal supercomputers.

  4. Had/has good intentions but Bill Gates annoys me every single day, bless him. What a faff

  5. DeepMind is so fricking capable already. I guess if we had it train other AIs, it would accidentally teach them how to beat humans at games, then politics, then wars. Serves us right for applying it to combatative tasks early on in its life – meaning, it could end up making a super-facist beyond anything we came up with. AIs need a soul, maybe an underlying set of principles, like a religion.

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