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  1. China’s space broom isn’t the Death Star super laser. It’s an orbiting satellite with a laser only powerful enough to heat up pieces of space junk, so that they change course burn up in the atmosphere.Depositphotos

  2. I guess the Chinese aren’t using silly string then.

  3. Now its a count up for who is the worst space criminal (organization).

  4. “The helicon plasma thruster is an electrodeless system, which allows it to undertake long operations performed at a high power level.” says Takahashi, “This discovery is considerably different to existing solutions and will make a substantial contribution to future sustainable human activity in space.”

  5. People are working on a variety of solutions, but someone needs to stop the culprits making it worse now.

  6. You know like death the inevitable solution will be, wait for it… – Space Tax

    In a recent study, economists proposed a Pigovian tax that would discourage the excessive launch of satellites and use money from the tax of satellites that are launched to pay for the removal of space debris.

  7. recommended read “There are many possible means of reducing the debris hazard to future space operations. These include actions taken as a spacecraft enters orbit (e.g., tethering rather than jettisoning lens caps and despin devices), during operations (e.g., reducing the amount of refuse ejected from crewed missions), and after its functional lifetime (e.g., depleting energy sources or moving the spacecraft into a disposal orbit). Some methods would cost very little, whereas others might be economically prohibitive for some missions. Their effectiveness also will vary, not only from method to method but also in how well a particular method will work in different orbital regions and with different space systems.”

  8. Not sure how true some of this is about space junk. who knows the truth? and who tells it?

  9. serious solutions are what’s needed. and soon, because if we don’t get ourselves off this stinking ball because of the crap we spread around us, we will deserve to die quickly alone, like most other life forms out there did, probably.