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  1. I agree with your comment but noted that it’s also odd how sustainability, when mentioned in the same context as space, now refers to moving the crap we spread around the earth over the last 100 years, rather than sustainability of the planet and people themselves. Funny old, knackered world.

  2. Why improve people’s lives when you can instead be a captain of industry and hero of the galaxy?

  3. Why didn’t any of the rich-list save anyone else? The problem isn’t just with ego, but with another sin, gluttony.

  4. Even if they haven’t yet aligned, they sure are coming together nicely in time. Reading this from a while back, the planet won’t mind us leaving it, if we help heal the zounds we inflicted.

  5. Ironic that our appetite for more/better communications (via satellites) paid for the early space economy. And that the internet and communications are what we give poorer countries, instead of food. Now they know why their kids are dying in pollution and disease at least.