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  1. True…. but the overall cost is much higher, than if you just kept a healthy rate of inflation. you can read more here https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/explainers/what-is-inflation

    such as

    “A low and stable rate of inflation helps to create a healthy economy.

    The Government sets a target for how much prices overall should go up each year in the UK. That target is 2%. It’s the Bank of England job to keep inflation at that target.

    A little bit of inflation is helpful. But high and unstable rates of inflation can be harmful.

    If prices are unpredictable, it is difficult for people to plan how much they can spend, save or invest.

    In extreme cases, high and volatile inflation can cause an economy to collapse. Zimbabwe is a good example. It experienced this in 2007-2009 when the price level increased by around 80 billion per cent in a single month.

    As a result, people simply refused to use Zimbabwean banknotes and the economy ground to a halt.”

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