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Digital funeral directors – a service to wrap-up social profiles and loose ends online for users who have died

When a friend passed away recently, his family had great difficulty finding his friends in time to inform them and invite them to his funeral. An online service that kept hold of your social profile accounts and passwords would allow the digital executor to quickly gain access and inform relevant parties of the bad news. 

As well as that, there could be options to close down the accounts, post templated announcements and even close down the social profiles – in order to reduce confusion and number of ‘ghost’ profiles on Facebook, Linkedin and elsewhere. 

The service could also wrap up transactions on Ebay, Amazon and PayPal in a way that ensures the dead user’s money goes into their bank account – rather than allow these big businesses to hold on to their funds.

Maybe there is already a solution to the problem this idea tries to solve, if there is, please post it as a solution.