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Eco shit-list – have your vote and boycott the worst eco crime brand in each sector

Fixing the world is easy. Just boycott a single brand each. Over time the worst brand will fix their ways in order to stay off the top of the shit-list, or they will die a timely death. Everyone knows McDonalds are the worst fast food chain when it comes to the environment, or that of all the coffeeshops Starbucks have the worst record for exploiting local markets and foreign workers. 

But its too difficult remembering which brands not to use. The thing is, if we all knew about and boycotted just the 1 worst brand in each sector, they would die (or be influenced into changing their ways). So have a website that allows consumers to vote for the worst offenders and name and shame them. 

Over time no company will want to be known as the worst and we only need to remember the worst guy for each product or service when it comes to choosing who not to buy from.