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Business network clinics – have experts provide free talks and QA sessions in business parks

There are many buildings and complexes where multiple businesses are located. They share the cafeteria and conference rooms provided. It would be great if, for one afternoon per month, a different expert speaker came in to provide a free clinic and question and answer session for those firms who wanted to attend and learn about opportunities they have yet to take.

I imagine experts in Tax, Search Engine Optimisation, Staffing, etc would be happy to give a brief overview of their insider knowledge in order to build relationships with potential local customers and generate more business for their own brand.

As a start-up owner, I would find it really valuable to, not only learn for free but also have a contact I could ask questions and perhaps hire as a consultant, those that offer services my project would benefit from. From using social media effectively to understanding exactly how accounting firms go about managing their customer’s books.