Promote – Pay

(Push any idea towards the top of the results by improving your feed or buying promotion credits.)

Promote an idea page 2 – promote form

Pre populates with a single idea collected from promote idea money link popup and/or promote button on any existing idea /idea listing page.

1 – select idea to promote – search box
(shows list and lets you select 1 idea – should already be pre populated re the above)
“or add an idea to promote”

2 – select hashtag pages – search box
(shows list of tags and lets you select many, and re- search)

Include related tags – tick box
(on click it moves you down to next stage…)

promote for free – tick box
(tick box is greyed out and says you don’t have enought karma, with a link to karma on stats page)

Buy promo credits – tick box
(ticked by default if they don’t have enough karma, and unticks if they tick the promote for free tickbox)

(click next opens up the paypal form and completing it promotes the idea on said tag pages and links to their “promoted ideas” page.

the below (or something like it) is hidden until they are ready to pay (or it opens the below in another, final page)


Pay via Paypal

    Or pay by bank

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