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  1. This is a universe whose components eventually assembled themselves in such a way that they would turn around, look at themselves, and try to understand how they and their universe had been created; a universe whose building blocks would become intelligent.

  2. Someone’s making Billions and Billions.

  3. Carl habitually conveyed false depictions of what indeed is skepticism; conflating it in the quote below with cynicism and completely missing the fact that skepticism involves precisely an active, researching and open mind. Pretending that possessing an open mind is somehow the opposite of skepticism, and involves giving all ideas ‘equal validity.’

  4. Maybe the universe designed itself after some “fine-tuning”. READ THIS

  5. Atoms have intelligence – now there’s a major idea in itself.
    “In this article the author attempts to explain a theory that states that reality is a “self aware, self conscious construct, aka it is intelligent.” Through a discussion starting with the birth of reality from quantum foam deciding its own set of laws all the way to the neurons in our brains and their constituent atoms, the author states that atoms are information processors since the brain is an information processor. And as such, atoms have a real (although extremely low level) form of intelligence.”

  6. calm down… check this “Almost as soon as he starts speaking, Sagan starts spewing out inaccuracies right away. Sagan correctly identifies the Serapeion as having originally been a temple, but he incorrectly claims that it later stopped being a temple and was converted into the “annex” of the Great Library of Alexandria.

    It is true that the Serapeion does seem to have been used at one point to house some of the books from the Library of Alexandria’s collection, but….. “

  7. Neil Tyson is often getting the credit for Sagan’s insight – as per the article

  8. Loved the idea that we are concious matter since I first watched cosmos. here’s the bit where he says the quote

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