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  1. These have been around for a while, and you can get some on Amazon.

  2. These are common, and you can find them on Amazon. You can also use them with your phone, wallet, backpack, luggage, and other valuables.

  3. It has already been done! Here’s one you can find on Amazon.

  4. soleo

    Cool idea. Here’s something similar you can find on Amazon.

  5. You can also get them at eBay

  6. These are quite common, and you can find one at Amazon!

  7. Portable desktops are becoming very common. Check out this mini PC cube from Amazon. Tiny but packed with so much computing power.

  8. MeLlYmEl

    Not exactly a battery bank belt, but this clip-on holster can make your ordinary power bank easier to carry.

  9. Here’s one from Amazon!

  10. MeLlYmEl

    Why not just purchase a portable sonar device? You can find some affordable entry-level options like the one here from Amazon!

  11. Check out this negative scanner from Amazon, which instantly converts your slides into coloured digital photos.

  12. These wireless, solar-powered CCTV cameras from Amazon are an excellent choice for home security systems.

  13. djloon

    You can get these nearly invisible ceiling speakers from E-Bay

  14. You can produce electricity from tap water using this micro hydroelectric turbine.

  15. A great way to add flare to your bathroom.

  16. Troy Nightingale

    Here’s a simple gaming bed you can find on Amazon

  17. Check out this smart ring that works with Tesla cars

  18. Here is a skin analyzer gadget that scans and detects skin conditions

  19. This 3D pancake robot can print pancakes in any design you want. It is perfect for your home or even a restaurant

  20. This menu with a charging station is a great idea for any restaurant!

  21. This “Heart on a Leash” iPhone charger sold on Etsy is a great way to have fun at the expense of your family and friends.

  22. Here is another wearable laser hair growth device on Amazon. It looks like a baseball cap so you can even wear it outdoors without looking weird.

  23. Here is another glass tracking chip that can fit on all glasses. It uses GPS technology so you can find them wherever they are

  24. There is a cutting board system from The Yes Company, which comes with a built-in UV sterilisation unit. Also comes with other cool features such as a knife sharpener, a digital scale, and a timer. Check it out here

  25. Check out this cutting board wall mount that comes with a UV steriliser to clean the board after using it!

  26. CC

    Cool idea. Here is one such underwear with smart sensors and remote control function to help better monitor your child’s condition

  27. Amazon has invented a house sitting robot, which monitors and guards your home when you are away. It’s available by invite only from Amazon and is a bit pricey, but it seems cool. Check it out here

  28. Mike

    You can purchase them! There is a company selling water-cooled LED grow lights, which reduce the heat dumped in the growing space. This means a longer lifespan for your grow lights while reducing the costs needed for AC infrastructure.

  29. Wow, I didn’t realise these existed. Looks quite good.

  30. You can get this on amazon

  31. MeLlYmEl

    Would like to learn how to make something like this seating area.

  32. How about those liquiglide bottles?

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  33. Martin

    I think these are coming soon. Check this out…

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  34. The cheap way is to put these in rest home gardens, I think they look great.

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