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  1. AI voice generation is not just for the movie industry! The technology is also being used to create synthetic voices for music tracks, and could greatly change the outlook of the industry in coming years.

  2. AI voice generation is promising to be a cool technology. Imagine being able to replicate the voice of your favourite actors in any language.

  3. CC

    An airport navigation app with maps can be helpful for travellers; after all, getting lost in an airport is very easy!

  4. Here’s a similar concept – a detachable passenger cabin for airliners, which could be landed with parachutes in an emergency.

  5. MeterMan

    Spray-on wireless antennas can solve signal issues and help take connectivity to a new level.

  6. Solar roads are a great concept in theory, but they face many challenges that make them less efficient than regular solar panels.

  7. Richard P

    It has been done. The Netherlands has a bicycle path made of solar panels.

  8. These have been around for a while, and you can get some on Amazon.

  9. CC

    With #airless tires technology, you never have to worry about your bike tires going flat again.

  10. #keryingtrackers can also come in handy for tracking down older adults or even kids and pets.

  11. These are common, and you can find them on Amazon. You can also use them with your phone, wallet, backpack, luggage, and other valuables.

  12. Countdown timers can reduce cases of drivers attempting to “beat” traffic lights before they turn red.

  13. In a few years, Li-Fi will have replaced Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, making them obsolete.

  14. Here’s an even cooler idea – use the energy harvested from the deserts to turn them into green spaces where you can grow crops.

  15. We should have solar energy plants in every desert in the world!

  16. Mickey

    Drones are the future of the shipping industry. They can make shipping and delivery faster and cheaper!

  17. There are few trains like this in operation around the world, like China’s maglev train that can reach speeds of 600 kph

  18. If they can hire an AI as a CEO, everyone’s job is at risk.

  19. The widespread use of AI and robots can cause job loss in the millions.–50-to-70-decrease-in-wages-creating-income-inequality-and-threatening-millions-of-jobs/?sh=579d05181009

  20. Check out this article about capturing plastic waste using magnetic nanoparticles.

  21. CC

    This is a cool idea that can end microplastic pollution one day!

  22. Jimbo

    AR contact lenses are the future of the tech industry

  23. sunnyjim

    Holographic leaning could come in handy for medical studies!

  24. Israel has done it. It could come in handy for detecting drugs, weapons, and explosives.

  25. MeterMan

    Several countries are considering launching central bank-backed cryptocurrencies that are more stable compared to other cryptos. These will give fiat currency very stiff competition.

  26. Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and top cryptos such as bitcoin might replace real currencies within no time.

  27. A future where plants light up the world might be here sooner than you expect – MIT students recently engineered plants that produce light from their stored energy.

  28. Smart shoes offer more advanced analytics compared to standard fitness trackers, which can help to improve your running.

  29. Playing on a glass floor can be a fun experience. Plus, it can help reduce the risk of injuries, compared to other playing surfaces such as hardwood floor or grass.

  30. Like with everything else in the world, technology, especially artificial intelligence, is the future of interior design.

  31. I love this idea of using flying robots to kill disease-carrying mosquitoes.

  32. This is amazing – a mosquito-killing robot that uses AI to detect mosquitos in your home and then zaps them with lasers.

  33. Check out this fantastic concept of using water nanobots to kill airborne and surface-based bacteria and viruses.

  34. Some hospitals are already using robots to kill bacteria and viruses.

  35. This has been done. Several police and law enforcement agencies across the U.S.A. are using the technology.

  36. It has already been done! Here’s one you can find on Amazon.

  37. ChrisP

    It seems like the future is already here. The Mosaic film by Steven Soderbergh (featuring Sharon Stone) has a branching narrative.

  38. Clever Dick

    Virtual reality and augmented reality are the future of display technology!

  39. soleo

    Cool idea. Here’s something similar you can find on Amazon.

  40. You can also get them at eBay

  41. These are quite common, and you can find one at Amazon!

  42. Portable desktops are becoming very common. Check out this mini PC cube from Amazon. Tiny but packed with so much computing power.

  43. Smart pills can be a great idea, but there are several challenges, such as hacking and the risk of failure. Proper regulation is needed before they are released for public use.

  44. There are already smart pills being researched for cancer drug delivery. With such technology, you can even receive cancer treatment at home.

  45. MeLlYmEl

    Not exactly a battery bank belt, but this clip-on holster can make your ordinary power bank easier to carry.

  46. Mickey

    This would be amazing; there are too many streaming services nowadays it’s becoming hard to keep track of them.

  47. Here’s one from Amazon!

  48. Perhaps the aviation industry can adopt other green alternatives, such as renewable fuel.

  49. While using solar energy for air travel is a great idea, many challenges currently exist that make the technology too expensive or downright unfeasible.

  50. Imagine partying in Ibiza from your living room.

  51. It’s a cool idea. Scientists are actually researching electric taste simulation for use in virtual reality gaming.

  52. What an amazing idea with lots of potential! It can help many salt lovers worldwide.

  53. Wearables can also be effective in training. Check out these soldiers using them to track how effective training exercises are.

  54. Mickey

    There are more green options for the maritime industry besides wind, such as liquid natural gas, electricity, liquid hydrogen, methanol, and solar power.

  55. Robots on the battlefield seem like a good idea until dictatorial regimes with poor human rights records start stockpiling them.

  56. Military robots can shift the balance on battlefields and help save lives.

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  57. Mickey

    Referees use goal-line technology in most FIFA competitions to decide on controversial goals. However, the system relies on cameras, so a smart game ball could be a considerable improvement.

  58. Here’s one, but it seems like a simple notepad. Maybe improve it to capture someone’s picture, name, and more info.

  59. DNA “fingerprinting” to identify microbial components of polluted water is another promising technology for tracing pollutants back to their source.

  60. That is an excellent idea. However, space travel is currently limited by rocket fuel, which is expensive and quite heavy, making endless travel nearly impossible.

  61. MeLlYmEl

    Why not just purchase a portable sonar device? You can find some affordable entry-level options like the one here from Amazon!

  62. Space organizations are already investing in bioprinting, and we might be closer to realizing to using the technology than we think.

  63. While learning to code early can be beneficial, it is a mentally draining experience, which can put too much pressure on children.

  64. Check out this negative scanner from Amazon, which instantly converts your slides into coloured digital photos.

  65. These wireless, solar-powered CCTV cameras from Amazon are an excellent choice for home security systems.

  66. Yes, it is quite possible. Urine contains organic matter, which can be converted into energy. Better yet, the process kills pathogens in the urine water, sanitizing it.

  67. Ashena Smith

    Traditional scarecrows have limited results unless you are willing to put in a lot of time and effort. But, maybe combining this age-old bird control method with technology can help keep birds away from your farm.

  68. These nanites can break down microplastics into CO2 and water. So maybe there is hope for our planet yet!

  69. It will take several lifetimes for all of earth’s plastic waste to decompose, when not accounting for new plastics being produced every day. Nanites that can decompose plastics can help save us from this impending doom!

  70. We should make it a rule for every interactive technology. Showing gratitude is quickly becoming a lost art!

  71. An excellent idea. We should all be like this nan, who Google praised for using “please” and ‘thank you” in her search query!

  72. djloon

    You can get these nearly invisible ceiling speakers from E-Bay

  73. There are several wearables currently available for athletes.

  74. The greatest challenge of artificial organs is ensuring they are compatible with the recipient’s body.

  75. You can produce electricity from tap water using this micro hydroelectric turbine.

  76. A great way to add flare to your bathroom.

  77. It’s not just the flies; scientists are building artificial neural networks for computers based on insects’ neural networks.

  78. Scientists have been studying the fly’s brains for years now. The secrets in these tiny brains could be the breakthrough needed to realize portable, personal supercomputers.

  79. Global copyright has become a mess with increased globalization and the power of “sharing”. Something needs to be done soon!

  80. You can deploy voting apps in nearly any industry that deals with data