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  1. Bad idea – just use the police for what they are paid for – if Artificial Intelligence gets control of this it will be turned into a major revenue stream regardless of it it helps anybody. Be warned…

    “It is argued that cameras penalise “innocent” speeders, while doing nothing to deter more serious traffic offenders, such as uninsured and drunk drivers. Many have claimed that the rise of speed cameras has been paralleled by a reduction in conventional traffic policing.”

  2. Silly that someone doesn’t incorporate regular parking sensors with the gearbox, so easy to do too. Love the idea, bound to be realised by someone soonish.

  3. Don’t be surprised if you get constantly honked at in India. It means they exist, not that they like you or disapprove of what you are doing. As is life…

  4. Wow, deliveroo provide those of the drivers that can read, a whole page of advice on road safety. Maybe there should be a site where you can upload film of them putting pedestrians in danger. Could help some of them get a proper job that doesn’t polute or annoy as much?