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  1. I don’t think the American trump voters or UK Brexiteers intended it, but they are pushing the cause of a global government, regardless of which nations get a decent share during the initial power grab.

  2. Science, climate and peace sure are global issues that affect the entire world. Maybe each government should vote for a world leader. A possible solution to the one-sided situation we will enter true globalism with.

  3. Not to worry, America’s influence on the world is declining, due to their self-interested voting record. America-First… not for long.

    “It hasn’t been OK. After four years of Trump’s “America first” — or, more accurately, “America only” — approach to international relations, the U.S. is less respected and less influential than it has been in decades. “

  4. This could actually work, kind of like the opposite to the vertical fans you get for the office.

  5. These are on their way I am sure of it. Although not cylindrical as such, the Japanese have invented vertical ones that would fit in cities.

  6. These are a great idea, you can just roll them out on top of your camper or anywhere. Not sure which is the best but there are a few options already available. Flexible, though not purely roll-out.

  7. Often thought of this but have read here and elsewhere that it just moves the problem by causing inefficient pressure build up.

  8. “Politicians might offer enticing tax breaks to woo voters at the next electoral contest, while ignoring long-term issues out of which they can make little immediate political capital”

  9. Interesting, both the US and UK are more dissatisfied than satisfied with how parliamentary democracy panned out. Time for a rethink, but despite the US being a republic rather than a democracy, it seems offering an alternative is unamerican. Times are changing though.

  10. Says here they are in use already – “The famous ‘Van Gogh Village’ uses Tvilight CitySense”

  11. Old idea, but yeah, LED lights would work well for this.

  12. Dunno why this didn’t catch on, would remove the need for chargers.

  13. Nitrogen no, but the age of Hydrogen-powered flight and spaceflight is dawning.

  14. this nitrogen idea keeps coming round, I don’t like it. here’s why:

  15. You don’t need to pull them to the bottom, just fill them up and pressure gives you the power back whenever you want it. Amazing idea tbh.

  16. Not sure if this is “greenwash” but it is being looked into in the UK.

  17. No reason why this idea won’t work – self heating pools are go!

  18. Why can’t you just buy a plug with a socket on top that lets you fit it in between the appliance and the wall then monitor and manage it in an app?