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  1. The Pope could buy Galileo’s thumbs to torture him more for the damage done to their once full grasp of the world. Linking to this as it lists historic body parts for sale.

  2. Annie

    Gutt feeling…. “A small 2013 study reported in the journal Gastroenterology found that women who ate yogurt with a mix of probiotics, twice a day for four weeks, were calmer when exposed to images of angry and frightened faces compared with a control group. “

  3. Nice idea but don’t believe everything you read. Check this article out. we’re fighting an information war at present.

  4. CC

    This would be great but they don’t even know which “normal” foods are good or bad for preventing the different types of cancer.

  5. MeterMan

    This is in the early stages of being a big thing, not just an idea.

  6. Not sure who this is supposed to fool. The idea has been around for a while, though the evidence says don’t bother. Cheer up or get professional help.

  7. Placebos work even if you know they are placebos. Go for it.

  8. Mickey

    This is spectacular, and with remote robots the surgeon doesn’t even need to be near the patient, meaning the best surgeon could do dozens of procedures around the world each day, using the latest AU tech.

  9. djloon

    Introducing Augmedics…

  10. Christ! 355 bucks for a non-powered frame with wheels – using the same materials as a 20 dollar shopping bag trolly. Crazy. Imagine what this guy would charge for a powered one.

  11. None of those that get called the best are electric or have power-assist in any form. Suprised to be honest as some people would spend everything to help their dog get about.

  12. djloon

    The idea of folding DNA to create arbitrary two- and three-dimensional shapes at the nanoscale just blows my mind. Not sure who thought of it first but this idea and it’s future applications are going to go a long way. More info about it here.

  13. Mike

    Good God. Covid-20 here we go.

  14. NO, NO, NO – Forced treatment isn’t the answer – punishing them with pain for not complying is something only a sick NAZI would do.

  15. Here’s the problem in a nutshell, but the answer isn’t to give them pain instead… “There really isn’t anything we can do. The only time she’s going to get help is if they put her in the hospital, and the only way they’ll put her in the hospital is if she’s a danger to self or others,”

  16. 8-BIT BOBBY

    Careful what you wish for, imagine being the victim of future blood mugging crime – “The global market – worth $23.6bn in 2016 – is predicted to almost double to $44.3bn by 2023.”

  17. You do get paid in the UK. “You will be paid up to £100 for donating 600 mls of blood or a proportional amount if less blood has been donated, i.e. £50 for 300 mls.”

  18. BTW, Oligos are short, synthetic strands of DNA or RNA. The word oligonucleotide is derived from the Greek word olígoi, meaning “few” or “small”, and nucleotide, which are the building blocks of nucleic acids, such as those in DNA.

  19. For the serious hobbyist, I guess…”If you are designing primers, cloning your genes or Do It Yourself CRISPR gene editing in Basic Research, Immuno-Oncology, Drug Discovery or any other application, check out our new custom DNA oligo prices.”

  20. How about those liquiglide bottles?

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  21. Good idea, but won’t catch all the sponges and tubes left in there – which is quite common according to this

  22. Heard a few nightmare stories about this – would save lives no doubt if they made them mandatory.