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  1. I guess most public figures distance themselves from real people/fans on FB. I wonder if they are more than 6 degrees away from us all, and if so, if they try to add more degrees in between. Like a gated home, to keep the rabble out, and just real friends in.

  2. lesson 1 stop being negative – followed by 14 other things the author has decide you shouldn’t do on social. They liked new ways of thinking and doing things a while back, when it suited, maybe not now though eh?

  3. Like the idea, you or anyone else are welcome to suggest new css styles for IdeaMill, hint hint.

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  4. I think you can enter a restyle of existing sites and social networks in the CSS design awards, and yeah, there are loads of apps out there – shame chrome developer doesn’t let you save your amends and reload them again at a later date.

  5. There are some good apps that do the css editing but someone would need to organize the contest in order to make this idea a reality. Would be good to see how people would restyle twitter and Linkedin etc.

  6. been in discussion a while. They know people want it at least..

  7. Great documentary but a good point… “It is more than a little ironic that a film that warns incessantly about platforms using misinformation to stoke fear and outrage seems to exist only to stoke fear and outrage — while promoting a distorted view of how those platforms work along the way.”

  8. Some say Facebook got robbed of their data, they are a victim of crime not the perpetrators.

  9. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak used this phrase in an interview explaining why he quit Facebook; Apple CEO Tim Cook used it back in 2014, referring not to Facebook but to… Google.

  10. Ideamill could do this, no? Users on social sites already know they are going to be targeted because of their activity and content posted on social media platforms – that’s one of the benefits of using them.

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  11. Good idea. Might help undo some of the problems Facebook have with fraud ads and their dubiously hidden nature of using your info to target ads.

  12. They have it now, I guess it just picks up on words you post,, amazing

  13. Linkedin know its turned into a spam machine, they are just addicted to the advertising revenue. Probably beyond the point of return now that AI is likely to be tasked with only considering money, rather than making useful tools – like humans used to do.