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  1. Not sure but I think you can get the film on Amazon so you can make any window do it. this is revolutionary, I would have it on my car.

  2. I like this idea. There used to be a site called free rice that used to do a similar thing, not sure if they still do it as the site has since changed. It would be good if say, Save The Children had a sister site with quizzes for kids and adults, that generated and donated any ad revenue it gained. Do things like this still exist? Add the link if they do, I love doing quizzes and especially if someone else benefits too.

  3. They exist, but… “Head over to Instagram’s Access Tool website and go down to the “Privacy and Security” tab. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see the “Ads” heading. Select “Ad Interests” and be prepared to see a whole new world filled with terrifying information about yourself.”

  4. Advergaming is a real opportunity for advertisers as well as players. All those ads around soccer pitches and games made by big brands like lego are just as affective as real life ads, and it gives the player a free game. Great invention though not sure where it will lead as it will be difficult stopping game makers relying on the income.

  5. Yeah they are annoying but a great way to get free entertainment. So glad people got used to the ads as it means we all get to play without paying.

  6. This was a great idea back in the day, loads of games are now free because of advertising, but there are ways to turn the ads off as explained at

  7. Tote bags would be great for ads, even if it was Heinze Tomato Sause, Marmite or other brands people identify with. Surprised the big brands don’t dish them out for free advertsising.

  8. Not sure why ASDA don’t just do this already, plenty of small brands realise they get free advertising from dishing our free bags and t-shirts.

  9. lol they cost less than 25 cents to make and you buy them on amazon for 25 dollars. Bezos should be ashamed of the scamming he is allowing.

  10. Great idea, make them of hemp and big brands would pay for them. Canvas bags are eco friendly in so many ways. Just read this for the low-down.

  11. You can get paid to wear tshirts- don’t think they do anything for your bottom though. Some suitable brand should do this though. And give some of the money to butt cancer charities. Maybe.

  12. Someone make this app – make the world a better place, please, they drive me nuts. No wonder they top the list and beat even parking officers for being hated.

  13. Nice idea. won’t happen though. Best thing you can do is either be nice to them and let them know you feel for them, for having to do a rubbish job. Or put them out of their misery quickly and make telesales illegal – unless they pay you to listen.

  14. Wow, this came out last year, will tell a shop owner I know about it, he would love one if he could connect it to a folder full of pics and images.

  15. Great documentary but a good point… “It is more than a little ironic that a film that warns incessantly about platforms using misinformation to stoke fear and outrage seems to exist only to stoke fear and outrage — while promoting a distorted view of how those platforms work along the way.”

  16. Some say Facebook got robbed of their data, they are a victim of crime not the perpetrators.

  17. This is the type of thing I was meaning, but I only see them for old phones – can’t believe someone isn’t cashing in on this.

  18. nice idea, especially if it looks like chameleon paint if nobody is advertising on it at the mo. or it might just look white or dirty, in a city.

  19. Even just colored planes would be an improvement, though there are reasons they are usually white.

  20. Good idea. Might help undo some of the problems Facebook have with fraud ads and their dubiously hidden nature of using your info to target ads.

  21. The reason it doesn’t want to fix the problem is that the company we all think of as a search engine is actually an advertising company. It made almost $137bn in revenues in 2018 – of which $116bn, or 85pc, came from ad spending.

  22. 240 answers on Quora, but google doesn’t even ask you for your interests since it killed G+. I guess it ain’t forgotten all that percy info though. So it did work, a short term social platform to get your data, then close show with it. Clever.

  23. RudeJude

    Wonderful idea, I like how this brand adds qr codes so you go to their site and see related offers and discounts. Though a black and white pic of popular related items would be great on the receipt too.

  24. Cool, imaging walking past a huge ad in London and seeing yourself with someone else’s clothes superimposed on it, using augmented reality. Watch this space, its bound to happen.

  25. Who knows what google are already doing – considering yahoo can spy on passers-by

  26. You really want google to know more about you? bet it can list your interests faster than you can. it knows which sites you went to and which articles you read. That’s more than your friends know about you.

  27. Stella

    get them here already

  28. Jimbo

    You can buy the moulds from amazon

  29. it works even better if you project messages onto smoke – SHAME THE POLUTERS! WE ARE WATCHING YOU

  30. sunnyjim

    this is a bit weird tbh

  31. I am surprised banks don’t use the endless supply of posted envelopes to bully you into getting insurance, paid bank services or yep, a mortgage. Its an under exploited art is envelope design for marketers. Who notices anything but the name its addressed to?

  32. Data (the source of information) replaced land, not oil as the top commodity, here’s why – “Data are an asset, but merely having them does not reveal their value; it must be developed to maximize its value. The value of data is not what someone else will pay for it, it is in how you can use it.”

  33. swagbooks should let you dictate which type of ads to watch for sure, once there are enough people using it you could just watch sports ads, or just motoring, or whatever, Bound to be done properly by someone one day.

  34. great idea, maybe a distraction but they launched these just this month.

  35. They have someithing similar already for travel info in Cardiff.

  36. still just a concept but won’t be long til this idea comes to life in our cities. its a way to get advertising bucks, so just you try to stop it.

  37. Cleo Flatular

    As long as it doesn’t make the machine take longer I guess it could take off – “Let’s face it, when you’re taking out money in order to dash into the supermarket in the middle of a frantic day, you’re more likely to be thinking about shampoo or fruit juice than taking out a new mortgage or life insurance policy.”

  38. to see your instagram “interests” it guesses rather than just asks you… ” To get to the list on mobile, go to Settings, then Security. Go to Access Data, then scroll all the way down to the bottom, where you’ll see Ad Interests, and select “View All.” On desktop, go to Settings, then Privacy & Security. Select “View Account Data,” and you’ll find Ad Interests at the bottom right.”

  39. Martin

    This loyalty company is trying to get this going – agreed, its the best place to advertise as the system knows what you have just bought and what you are most likely to be interested in – it could also offer you a discount because of your current purchase. Should catch on but you saw it here first.

  40. On their way already, better is they detect your phone so you get personalised ads.

  41. Once you’ve found a store, tap on the Order button. When you see the menu, pull down the menu until you see a cartoon version of Colonel Sanders and hold it for about 11 seconds. When you release, you should see the Secret Menu.

  42. Instagram – you can change them, its been done, just not well.

  43. Not really secret but yeah they don’t advertise the cheapies.

  44. Instagram is using your interests in ads. but with poor results, usually – link

  45. Martin

    Saw one similar to this, where the doors open to reveal the rest of the ad, clever advertising idea with lots of possibilities for creative advertising agencies.

  46. green fingers

    Yeah, they are a great idea, gives you something to read – and if done well, can be thought-provoking too.

  47. Crazy, even android just let you opt-out rather than put in your interests and see ads relating to them. Why don’t any of them do it?

  48. Why don’t google allow you to add a list of your interests, so they can compare it to the interests it’s Artificial Intelligence is machine learning from you.

  49. Not only that but they may one day know WHO is watching them – if Facebook allow your data to be sold/stolen, or whatever they call it.