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Decentralised energy supplies

In the UK, more than 60 per cent of the original energy input is lost in the form of waste heat at the power station. However, with a decentralised model, energy is produced close to the point of use – to integrate renewable technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines. Individual buildings and districts stop being just consumers of energy and start generating it.

It’s a system that is more secure, more efficient and it opens the way for a greater range of technologies and innovation that would help cleaner fuels and renewables take off.

Sound unrealistic? Actually, 50 per cent of Denmark’s electricity is generated in a decentralised system, and Copenhagen has heat networks travelling over 40km. In Finland, 98 per cent of Helsinki is heated by community heat networks. So when Tony Blair says we need new centralised nuclear power to fight climate change, he was clearly stuck in the 20th century.