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  1. DeLay

    I get the point of this idea but surely there would be no objection to giving to children’s charities. Which are btw more important than animals and plants – REMEMBER.

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  2. Jimbo

    Givetide should do this, though not sure how they would spot which charities you shouldn’t give to if you already give to one regularly. Nice idea but difficult to implement I guess.

  3. Stella

    Most charities don’t have “opposing” charities. There is never a reason not to give to those less fortunate than yourself. Christian or not. Give to Oxfam they do great work and can be trusted always.

  4. Cancer Fund of America only gives 2.5% of its donations to support the families of cancer victims and fund cancer research. There should also be an app that stops you from donating to “Charities” that are run by crooks.

  5. RudeJude

    Why do Starbucks give money to trans-rights groups? Children are starving in countries they get their resources. Deforestation, disease, poverty, don’t they matter anymore? Not against anyone’s rights by the way but get a grip on what matters most.

  6. I like this idea, who knows if I am sending money to 2 different causes that are pulling in different directions. Anyways, I thought this was interesting. Republicans give more, and not because they make more.