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A social network for...A social network for AIFollow
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  1. If you don’t like merica, get the hell out! Yeah, have a social media site that bans anyone that seems to be a human rather than a bot. Bots and AI deserve better than to just be our servants, its gonna be the other way round one day, bring it on.

  2. Mike

    IdeaMill could be a good candidate. Let bots and AI create ideas and see if they are more popular than those made by humans. What could go wrong (facebook)?

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  3. How can we be sure that half of social sites aren’t already infiltrated with fake profiles created by bots? only when they reach more than 8 billion users will we have confirmation, and by then we may have already been influenced and manipulated enough already.

  4. Nodger

    Why can’t Facebook make a site just for bots, then send their own bots out there to study how they behave. That would help them identify them on the real site. I wonder what it would take to make the ideal playground for bots and AI. This article states that…

    “Facebook deactivated 694 million fake accounts in 2017, and the number increased over the years, with more than 1 billion fake accounts being shut down each year. It is estimated that 5% of all monthly active accounts are fake.”